Our customers say it all...

“Lance’s crew is an excellent group. They are quite ambitious and always ready to do a professional days work. I would absolutely recommend his company to others. Lance is quite creative.”
~ Frank & Sally Voogd, Camano Island, WA

“I was very pleased by Lance and his hard working crew. They worked very hard in trying conditions. They were quite punctual. They cleaned up the area each time they left the job-I liked that. We are dellighted with the planning, the hard work and the results. I would recommend them to others.”
~ Ralph and Shirley Smith, Camano Island, WA

“Over the years Lance and his crew at Artland have somehow managed to make our very rough ideas flow into rivers of stone and rock paths, expansive greenways, and sweeping beds of seasonal color; always in an amazingly short amount of time!”
~ Marilyn & Alan Kennell-McMurray, Stanwood, WA

“In 2000 I moved to a pretty little cottage on the shore of a cove that leads into a larger lake. The house was in the middle of an overgrown "jungle" of trees, blackberry thickets and a weed infested lawn that lead down to the lake. Over the last few years Lance & his amazing crew have transformed the land and waterscape into beautiful and serene places, so-much-so that people stop on the street to look. They call out to me from their fishing boats to tell me how beautiful it all is! Thank you Lance and crew!”
~ Miriam Lancaster, Stanwood, WA

“Lance and the team at Artland have done a wonderful job of rejuvinating our yard that had become overgrown and neglected.  Creative design and skillful maintenance have resulted in a beautiful space that is a source of enjoyment for our family and friends.”
~ Eric Ewing, Camano Island, WA

“Lance came up with the design and made great choices. The crew did a great job and then some. It looks totally AWESOME. This landscape is beyond words. Strangers stop and look all the time at the great job that was done... I would recommend Lance and his crew most definitely!”
~ Ms. Kummerfildt, Snohomish, WA

“We had a terrible drainage problem with our yard before we hired ALW. The mud would literally suck the shoes off your feet! This made our yard unusable for most of the year. It was ugly and unattractive. In addition, cleaning up after our dogs was a constant, frustrating mess.

We were very pleased with the way Lance listened to us and took our needs and desires into consideration when creating his plan. He and his crew were so courteous and professional. Plus, they were careful of our existing landscaping and so tidy and clean. We got to know our crew and really like them as people, as well as loving the work they did for us.

We are continually delighted with the landscape that Lance and his crew created for us. Our backyard is the talk of the neighborhood. It's everything that we wanted. Now we no longer feel that we "have" to go away for vacation, since we have our very own little resort right outside our door!
~ Lisa Tuckett, Everett WA

”I had been surface weeding for years, but in the spring of 2002 my back temporarily 'seized up'...and along with it, my yard maintenance schedule. By the end of summer the bank was an out of control disaster.

We knew Lance & Laurie Brakefield personally, but had never actually seen any of ALW jobs. You could say we 'stepped out in faith' based on their personal integrity and reputation. A year later we are very pleased the way the job went and the professional results.

Lance gave us the option of coming in and cleaning the surface, or going a step further and bringing in a small backhoe to completely remove the weeds and put in fresh topsoil and plants. We were concerned about the possibility of the backhoe damaging our driveway, or causing problems with the neighbors, but the crew was cautious and skilled. The whole job only took a few days. They left the neighbors' side of the retaining wall in better condition than they found it, and of course our side looked wonderful!

Lance communicated his ideas well. He spent time determining the look we wanted, what kind of plantings we liked, (& didn't like), and then gave his suggestions. We knew what was happening and what was going where the whole time, so there were no surprises. At the completion of the job he gave us some simple suggestions on how to keep it looking good with very low maintenance...just what we wanted!”
~ Joel & Connie Doornenbal, Sedro-Woolley WA